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Empowerment Through Education

"The world is not interested in what we do for a living.  What they are interested in is what we have to offer freely - hope, strength, love and the power to make a difference!"
~Sasha Azevedo

PowerED International Foundation (Empowerment Through Education) is a non-profit organization that allows citizens to sponsor less fortunate, (with an emphasis on women), in developing countries to obtain an education.  The main focus of PowerED is to send females to go to school that cannot afford due to lack of funds, discrimination against gender, or are orphaned. It is of the utmost importance to educate women as they are head of the household and with education can help stop the cycle of poverty. The PowerEd International Foundation mostly occurs throughout rural societies in Western Kenya, with a focus of our activities in Kisumu County of Western Kenya, one of the poorest regions in Kenya.  We have a chair in Western Kenya that will check on the sponsored students to make sure they are adjusting to school life and to assist in any extra support they may need, along with supervising other projects PowerEd is currently working on.   

How You Can Help: 
Any donation would be greatly appreciated!
Unfortunately at the current time we are unable to give tax receipts as we are currently in the process of registering as a non-profit charity; this process can take up to a year.  But the Kenyan children are eager to go to school and PowerEd believes that they should not wait much longer.  

Sponsor a Student Program:
The cost to sponsor a student to go to school for a year is $400. You can choose to pay monthly installments or one big donation. The fee covers the students tuition plus cost of uniform, and school supplies.  If you decide to sponsor a student you will receive a term report about your student each term that will give you the progress of your student (3 terms in a school year).  If you are interested in sponsoring a student please e-mail [email protected] to obtain a registration form.


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